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Some people are very inquisitive and investigative in the sense that they will try to prove or disprove something.

Take this case as an example: a Pokemon Go player that goes by the name of “pokemongodev” is in Belgium and he wants to try something out.

What if he abuses the game’s servers by scanning it with multiple accounts simultaneously? And, not to mention, those multiple accounts are all using one public IP address, that of Proximus, Belgium’s biggest mobile phone service provider.

After scanning Pokemon Go’s servers simultaneously, the system found out that this player was “cheating” and it also found out about the other accounts as well.

It also found out that they are all using the same IP address, and so, Niantic has banned nearly the entire country of Belgium from playing Pokemon Go (those who are unaffected are the ones using other service providers).

Before he did this, though, he went to Reddit and said that he is going to do this to prove that there is something out of whack with Niantic’s “anti-cheating system” implementation.

This could mean that the ban also resulted from a lot of reports from concerned Pokemon Go players that they might get affected with what pokemongodev is about to do.

But, the same result happened: he got banned and so is the exact IP address that Proximus users use.

Although this was the case, the good thing is that Niantic was able to lift the IP ban in just a couple of hours.

What is interesting here is that pokemongodev has proven something: that Niantic’s anti-cheating mechanism needs a bit more polishing.

You see, although I agree that there has to be an anti-cheating system in place to protect the integrity of the game, it has to be fine-tuned so that experiences like these won’t happen.

It is very bad for Niantic Studios to ban an entire country because of a person’s wrongdoing. I think that the entire populace shouldn’t have to suffer for one’s faults.

Also, cheating in Pokemon Go is nothing new; I get that. But, Niantic should enforce the anti-cheating system on the side of caution.

They should probably appoint someone to look after the system because it might hand out inappropriate bans.

Although cheats are rampant in the game, many people do play the game legitimately but that the system thinks that they are cheating.

With that being said, it is best that you never cheat in this game. I mean, Pokemon Go is an interesting game and that it brings people closer, it brings people together.

Pokemon cheats like GPS Spoofing or Experience points hacks are just fine examples of applications that can ruin what is arguably called one of the best games of 2016.

I hope that Niantic will further enhance and tweak their anti-cheating system so that not an entire country will suffer from one person’s evildoing.

Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic Studios and published by Nintendo.

The Division has just launched their first post-launch DLC update called “Underground” and it is rich in new features and improvements.

One of the best features of the DLC is the “Dragon’s Nest Incursion” where you, and a team of players, will have to join forces to complete some objectives.

The rewards from completing a Dragon’s Nest Incursion are some currency and some really nice gear.

But, even though The Division’s new DLC update is amazing in features, old players who have parted ways with the game before the patch may have a hard time getting back.

In this article, I will talk about the reasons why Old “The Division” players will not be enticed to go back to the game anymore.

  1. Gear Score. Back when I was still playing World of Warcraft, people are so engrossed with the idea of the gear score. Basically, when you wear your complete gear, you will be given a gear score. Now, since the endgame content of WoW is to go on raids, players would be required to hit a certain gear score in order to join in on the party. This is what is happening with The Division today. In order for people to even be included in public Dragon’s nest incursions, you need to have a gear score of at least 200 before you can join in. This means that you must have already gotten some new gear pieces before you can join in public pick-up groups. If you’re a returning player, you might have a hard time enjoying the game as no public groups will ever invite you for an incursion. The solution? Have your friends play the game and do incursions with them.
  2. Heavy emphasis on the grind. I know that the Division is just more than a shooting game; there is also a level component behind it as well. But, in order to really get the best possible weapons, you need to upgrade your Underground rank. To increase your Underground Rank, you need to do some Underground missions where you kill a lot of enemies and then a boss for that level. Sounds easy, right? Wait until you hear that you need to do this countless times in order to upgrade your Underground rank. Yeah, I know, the grind is real.
  3. The Maps are Dark. The new maps are usually located underground (hence the name of the DLC update). But, the new maps are just so dark that sometimes, it is hard to see the enemies. I know that the new maps should be located underground but they have to make sure that the game is still visible. Some players are already in their late 20s and 30s and they might have a hard time seeing the action on screen.

Don’t get me wrong, the new DLC update of The Division is great. It just has some major issues that might deter retired players from coming back to the game.

Still, the game is still nice and if you want a mish-mash of an RPG and shooting game, then definitely get the Division.

The Division: Underground is now available for the PC and Xbox One. Playstation 4 owners would have to wait for a week or two.


Motorola’s Droid Turbo was one of the most well-received phones by the public. It offered a superb screen, a good camera, and an impressive battery life. Although it may not have the design that everyone’s looking for, it still delivered the goods.

Normally, successors of a product just improve on the areas that were established by the previous version.

So today, we are going to talk about the successor of the Droid Turbo, the Motorola Droid Turbo 2. Does it have what it takes to be the worthy successor to the Droid Turbo? We will find out in this article.

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, the successor of a product will normally just improve on the things laid out by the predecessor. The first phone did not have great looks and, unfortunately, the Droid Turbo 2 doesn’t have better looks either.

On the front side of the phone, all I can really say is that it is busy. It is busy looking because of the fact that the logo, the split speaker grills, the front camera with LED flash, and microphone are also situated on the front.

If you can imagine all of those, then you’re in for a phone that has a lot of things present in the front door. At the back of the phone, it is a little bit better. It’s got a back cover that has some small diamond pattern to it and it also has the “Droid” name at the bottom, the rear camera on the top portion, an LED flash just below it and the Motorola “M” symbol just below the LED flash.

I know that the design of the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 isn’t that great so I will just go on ahead and talk about the display. The Motorola Droid Turbo 2’s display is actually very durable. In fact, it is protected by the mobile phone company’s proprietary “Shattershield Technology”. Basically, the display is protected with 5 layers of glass to ensure that the phone’s display won’t be shattered due to accidental drops.

The display is also malleable enough that it bends a little bit to mitigate the damage of the shock. Don’t worry, this is not like the iPhone 6 Plus “bendgate” problem.

As for the actual display itself, the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 comes with a 5.4-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560x1440 and a pixel count of 540ppi. It is not as good as Samsung’s own Super AMOLED display but it does provide a good viewing experience.

The Turbo 2’s performance package is also topnotch. Under the hood, you will find the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octa-processor which has a clock speed of 2GHz and it also comes with the Adreno 430 GPU and 3GB of RAM.

The camera of the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 is decent enough. It’s got a 21-megapixel rear camera and a good 5-megapixel front camera. The phone doesn’t have the optical image stabilization technology so you may want to keep your hands steady when taking pictures. Also, should the environment you capture images from having low-lighting, the quality of the image may worsen.

To give all the juice this phone needs, the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 comes with a very hefty 3,760 MaH battery. It also has a turbo charge function which allows you to charge the phone within 4 hours from a dead battery.

And lastly, the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 comes with 4G LTE connectivity which is a huge plus in today’s world. Given that this phone supports the newest internet standard, it will help its overall performance if you get the help of mobile phone signal boosters.

With that being said, although the Motorola Droid Turbo 2 doesn’t have the classiest design out there, it does have all of the other corners covered.

Since the inception of R4 3DS cards, a lot of homebrew creators have created emulators. Emulators are homebrew applications that can emulator a specific gaming console to be used in another gaming console, in this case, the Nintendo 3DS.

Today, we are going to talk about a Gameboy emulator for the Nintendo 3DS. Although the Gameboy portable gaming console was created by Nintendo, the gaming company seems to have discontinued its support in their latest gaming console lineup.

The Gameboy I am going to talk about is the GameYob Emulator for Nintendo 3DS. This emulator is made by a Nintendo 3DS enthusiast who goes by the name “Drenn”.

This is an open-source emulator and all of the source codes can be found on his website (along with the official stable releases).

Now, why would you want a Gameboy emulator when the Nintendo 3DS has a new gaming lineup? Well, the Gameboy console is home to a lot of really good games. The most notable one is the Pokemon series. Now, it would be a shame not to try out Gameboy games, right?

That is why a lot of people are happy that Drenn created this awesome Gameboy emulator for the Nintendo 3DS.

So, what do you need to do in order to install the GameYob emulator right on your Nintendo 3DS?

Well, the very first thing you do is get yourself an R4 3DS card along with a suitable SDHC microSD card. If you’re wondering which brand to buy, you can buy the R4i Snoopy as it is not only inexpensive but also very user-friendly.

Also, for all of your storage and gaming needs, get a 32GB SDHC card. 32GB should be more than enough and most R4 3DS cards on the market support this storage capacity as well.

Okay, here are all the things you need to do in order to set this emulator up and running on your Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console:

  1. Download the latest GameYob version 0.5. This is a stable release and most of the bugs have been ironed out.
  2. Get your SDHC card and plug it in the microSD card reader.
  3. Next, plug the card reader into the USB slot of your computer.
  4. Afterward, extract and copy all of the contents of the GameYob installer you've downloaded from Drenn's website and put them in the root folder of your SDHC card.
  5. In your SDHC card, create a folder named "GameYob" and inside, create 2 additional folders naming them ROM and SAVES, respectively.
  6. All of your downloaded games should be placed inside the ROM folder. All of your saved games will automatically be placed inside the "SAVES" folder.
  7. Plug your SDHC card into your R4 3DS card and ultimately plug it in your Nintendo 3DS.
  8. Fire up your Nintendo 3DS and there should be a prompt to install the GameYob emulator. Just follow onscreen instructions and you're done!

OPTIONAL: Download the GBC Bios (also from Drenn's website) if you want the games to be colored. Although most of the games should already be colored, this enhances the color palettes even more.

That is pretty much it. You can just download all of your favorite Nintendo Gameboy games from the internet.

This process requires an R4 3DS card, so make sure to buy one first before you can try any of the above steps. If you want to play Gameboy games on your Nintendo 3DS console, the GameYob emulator is highly recommended.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a good mobile phone; there is no doubt about that. But, I still feel that the phone is flimsy and it cannot survive accidental drops, especially from a high enough distance.

Good thing, there is a protective case that can really do the job of protecting your Samsung Galaxy S4 well.

Introducing the Trident Kraken Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4. This a truly impressive protective case for the Galaxy S4. To know more about the case, let’s take a look at its features:

  • Impact-resistant TPE and hardened bio-enhanced polycarbonate exterior
  • Shock-absorbing silicone interior (Perseus)
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Device controls and ports protected by TPE
  • Dust filters protect speaker bays
  • Built-in, and removable, media stand
  • Convenient belt clip/holster
  • Accessorize with built-in lanyard loop
  • Anti-skid construction
  • Military Standards - Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810F
  • Drop protection - 26 Drops onto concrete from 4ft

The Trident Kraken Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 provides three layers of protection. First is the Polycarbonate exterior. This pretty much covers the entire case and it really provides a durable look and feel.

The next layer protection is the TPE or Thermo Plastic Elastomer. The Trident Kraken Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 has TPE layers on the sides of the case that adds another layer of impact-resistance.

And lastly, there is a soft silicone material on the inside of the case so that it can house your mobile phone and it can protect it from wear and tear.

This protective case has passed all military-grade standard tests for shock and impacts. In fact, the manufacturers claim that they’ve successfully tried and tested this case multiple times to ensure that the protective case really does its job.

The Trident Kraken Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 has carefully placed cutouts for all of the important ports of the mobile phone. But that is not all! The cutouts are also protected by a TPE plug so that dust and other contaminants cannot get in the ports.

Are you fond of watching movies or surfing the web using your Galaxy S4? The Trident Kraken Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 also comes with a convenient stand so you can watch movies on your Galaxy S4 hands-free! This also helps with hand strain due to prolonged grip of a mobile phone.

The Trident Kraken Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 also has an amazing screen protector. Even if you accidentally drop the Galaxy S4 on the ground face first, this protective case does the job well of protecting the phone’s screen from shocks and impacts. You never have to worry about dropping your mobile phone ever again.

And lastly, this protective case has a convenient belt clip and holster accessory so that you can clip the mobile phone directly on your belt for easy access.

The Trident Kraken Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 is truly an impressive case that has a plethora of features. This protective case only costs $10.

There are a lot of mobile phone signal boosters out there that promise what they purport to deliver. They offer improved signals across your home and office, or even in your car. But, what do they all have in common? They are cumbersome to install.

You see, when you install a home mobile phone signal booster for example, you need to be drilling, going on the rooftop to mount the antennas, and so on. These things require technical knowledge, or even expertise, to be able to install the mobile phone signal booster properly. Heck, if you really want the job done very well, you may want to hire a professional to install it, which will incur additional expenses.cel-fi

Luckily, not all mobile phone signal boosters are created equal UKSignalboosters. There are signal boosters out there that works by doing the plug-and-play method. One such mobile phone signal booster is the CEL-FI PRO LTE/4G/3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

The Cel-Fi Pro boosts 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE frequencies for unparalleled signal amplification throughout your home or office. But, what makes this signal booster appealing is its plug-and-play functionality.

Before we delve deeper, here is the official product description of the Cel-Fi Pro:

All you need is one place in your home or office that gets one bar of AT&T 3G, 4G or LTE coverage. Just a little bit of 3G, 4G or LTE signal strength and our revolutionary new Cel-Fi will bring you blazing fast downloads, smooth video and surfing, and improved voice coverage. Cel-Fi is absolutely void of any antennas, cables, switches or configuration needs, making it totally plug and play. Since both units communicate wirelessly, you can put them in the best location in your house or office, and Cel-Fi configures itself automatically.

Here are the Cel-Fi Pro’s features:

  • The Cel-Fi All Digital Booster can Cover up to 13,000 sq. ft., making it IDEAL for Homes and Offices and Each Cel-Fi system can SUPPORT up to 60 Concurrent Users
  • Reduce Dropped Calls and Dead Zones. All you NEED is 1 BAR!!
  • All Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data 3G/4G/LTE (Quad Band MHz 700,850,1700/2100,1900)
  • Cel-Fi is the ONLY Cellular Signal Booster Authorized for use on the AT&T Network and Approved by the FCC for 100dB Gain-Providing a LARGER Coverage Area and 1000 Times Greater Gain than current analog boosters
  • Easy to Install-True Plug and Play, Self-Configuring, No external Antennae or Cabling needed. Professional installation Not required! With Peace of Mind Guarantee: 30 Day Return policy and 2 Year Product Warranty

The Cel-Fi Pro Mobile Phone signal booster is the one to choose if you want a no BS approach to amplifying signal strength. Let’s see how this signal booster fares with customers:

Benjamin: “Awesome product! I've had problems for years with cell reception in my home, and the existing amplifier systems simply didn't have the inside coverage I needed for my large 2-story house without putting out an exorbitant amount of money. Plus, I didn't want to deal with the hassles of setting up antennas, running cables, locating, mounting, configuring, etc. The Cel-Fi Pro eliminated all those problems! Finally, a system that covers my entire home with no wires or antennas and a true plug-and-play setup. HIGHLY recommended.”

Keith: “Worked right out of the box. Instructions simple, clear, easy to follow. Brought my interior house signal up to outside the house level. No more dropped calls.”

The Cel-Fi Pro is truly a simple, easy to install, yet effective mobile phone signal boosters out on the market today. The Cel-Fi Pro costs only $695.

Now a day’s cell phone is the inevitable source of corporate world, which plays important role in business conversation. Here the mobile phone boosters plays very important role in enhancing the signal strength for better conversation.

Need of cell phone boosters

If you wish to solve the poor quality receptions this may be essential to invest in the mobile phone signal boosters that are aiding in extending the rages a mobile signals that are clearly received in the home or an office. In order to limit problems that are possible to be experienced from the poor receptions, you can make use of several cell phone signal boosters that are highly efficient and effective at helping to enhance on the reception.

Thing to know

No matter whether you are experiencing the dropped calls, poor signals at your office or in home, the signal booster is capable of helping with the process of amplifying the signals that is reach the areas those are lack of desired signal strength and reception. Generally the mobile phone signal boosters are comprises of an antenna and amplifier. The strength o f the weak signals can be enhanced by the amplifier. In this way , the very small and also ineffective signal strengthening amplifiers are build in the cell phone that can stop seek a better reception and thus it will stops transferring several dangerous electromagnetic waves. In such situations the cell phone boosters are very useful and also handy

How to find the signal booster

These types of systems are very beneficial to resolve the mobile phone weak signal issues. This system can offers you with improved signals. There are several types of cell phone signal boosters are designed to mount on the outside surfaces like roof that must go long way to helpful to improve the signal quality that is inside the building.

In order to choose the right type of signal booster for your various situations, you require know several various info regarding the booster such as the networks and the carriers that you requite to support, size of the areas that needs to be covered in the booster signal and a also existing signal strength. All these factors are very much beneficial to choose the best possible cell phone signal boosters. You can find the best and reliable devices online, there are many online stores which are dealing with these types of devices, find the best seller and get the one for your advanced conversation.


Nintendo Wii is believed to be one amongst the thriving brands in the handheld gaming console industry. The credit for this goes to none other than the R4 revolution. R4 games are loaded with latest features and that makes it all the more interesting. Nintendo DS puts forward towards its users a ground-breaking and enlivening way for utilizing their manageable gaming console in addition to the R4 DS flash memory card. Users may find numerous online shopping shops that sell R4 DS for brand new R4i SDHC for Nintendo DS R4 DS, R4DS R4-III, R4DS, Nintendo DSi R4 SDHC, R4DS Ultra, etc.

Presently, R4 card has turned out to be an important device for all Nintendo DS and DS Lite user who wish to develop their gaming and not to mention entertainment experience. With the recent R4 DS card you may easily save your games in a Micro SD card. This implies that you don’t have to take total games collection along with you. Nintendo DS can be termed as a powerful gaming as well as media station. In the newly introduced models, you will find quite a few R4 DS games. This is preferably because they come with high storage capacities. As a result, gaming fans may have at their hand a superb collection of songs and movies. You can now go in for the thrilling experience with the help of the R4 DS card. What satisfy the gamers all the more are the unique features that come with Nintendo DS R4 DS, i.e. wireless connections, complete R4 Firmware, videos and movies internet connectivity, etc.

Acekard offers a budget friendly option for the flashcard. The Acekard 2 offers a full range of benefits and have left its parents problems behind. As far as flashcards go it may not always be you pay for what you get you may get more for less if you choose the right card.


What You Get


The Acekard 2 offers a full range of compatibility. You do not have to convert or flash to use this card. It is completely compatible with all the software that matters. Your purchase gets you the card and the card reader.


You also get a list of instructions and directions for the websites where you will download your firmware. As long as your internet speed is up to par you can easily download and install the firmware. The casing for the cart itself is a little flimsy. It is not held together with a screw it simply snaps together which gives it a flimsy feel.


There is one noticeable chip that you can feel that is sticking up underneath the sticker on the face of the case. It is not a really big deal but you should know that it is there. No user has reported any use issues because of the chip but you never know so do keep that in mind.


The Performance


Ultimately the way the cart feels is not as important as the performance. If it performs well than you can get past how it feels. It performs well as a matter of fact it out performs some of the more expensive cards.


There are a lot of perks that come with the Acekard 2 price being one of the greatest. It works as promised there are a couple of little glitches but nothing too major. There are quite a few perks that you would expect out of a more expensive option like the control features and customizable options.




If you need a flashcard and you do no want to spend a small fortune than this is the card you should be considering. It works well and does have a few things that make you raise your eyebrows like the chip that sticks up a little and the fact that there is no protective strip across the contacts so you have to watch where you place your fingers.


It is well worth the cost even with the small minor things that can be improved.