Since the inception of R4 3DS cards, a lot of homebrew creators have created emulators. Emulators are homebrew applications that can emulator a specific gaming console to be used in another gaming console, in this case, the Nintendo 3DS.

Today, we are going to talk about a Gameboy emulator for the Nintendo 3DS. Although the Gameboy portable gaming console was created by Nintendo, the gaming company seems to have discontinued its support in their latest gaming console lineup.

The Gameboy I am going to talk about is the GameYob Emulator for Nintendo 3DS. This emulator is made by a Nintendo 3DS enthusiast who goes by the name “Drenn”.

This is an open-source emulator and all of the source codes can be found on his website (along with the official stable releases).

Now, why would you want a Gameboy emulator when the Nintendo 3DS has a new gaming lineup? Well, the Gameboy console is home to a lot of really good games. The most notable one is the Pokemon series. Now, it would be a shame not to try out Gameboy games, right?

That is why a lot of people are happy that Drenn created this awesome Gameboy emulator for the Nintendo 3DS.

So, what do you need to do in order to install the GameYob emulator right on your Nintendo 3DS?

Well, the very first thing you do is get yourself an R4 3DS card along with a suitable SDHC microSD card. If you’re wondering which brand to buy, you can buy the R4i Snoopy as it is not only inexpensive but also very user-friendly.

Also, for all of your storage and gaming needs, get a 32GB SDHC card. 32GB should be more than enough and most R4 3DS cards on the market support this storage capacity as well.

Okay, here are all the things you need to do in order to set this emulator up and running on your Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console:

  1. Download the latest GameYob version 0.5. This is a stable release and most of the bugs have been ironed out.
  2. Get your SDHC card and plug it in the microSD card reader.
  3. Next, plug the card reader into the USB slot of your computer.
  4. Afterward, extract and copy all of the contents of the GameYob installer you've downloaded from Drenn's website and put them in the root folder of your SDHC card.
  5. In your SDHC card, create a folder named "GameYob" and inside, create 2 additional folders naming them ROM and SAVES, respectively.
  6. All of your downloaded games should be placed inside the ROM folder. All of your saved games will automatically be placed inside the "SAVES" folder.
  7. Plug your SDHC card into your R4 3DS card and ultimately plug it in your Nintendo 3DS.
  8. Fire up your Nintendo 3DS and there should be a prompt to install the GameYob emulator. Just follow onscreen instructions and you're done!

OPTIONAL: Download the GBC Bios (also from Drenn's website) if you want the games to be colored. Although most of the games should already be colored, this enhances the color palettes even more.

That is pretty much it. You can just download all of your favorite Nintendo Gameboy games from the internet.

This process requires an R4 3DS card, so make sure to buy one first before you can try any of the above steps. If you want to play Gameboy games on your Nintendo 3DS console, the GameYob emulator is highly recommended.

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