Pokemon Go Player Tried Something, Gets Entire Country Banned

Some people are very inquisitive and investigative in the sense that they will try to prove or disprove something.

Take this case as an example: a Pokemon Go player that goes by the name of “pokemongodev” is in Belgium and he wants to try something out.

What if he abuses the game’s servers by scanning it with multiple accounts simultaneously? And, not to mention, those multiple accounts are all using one public IP address, that of Proximus, Belgium’s biggest mobile phone service provider.

After scanning Pokemon Go’s servers simultaneously, the system found out that this player was “cheating” and it also found out about the other accounts as well.

It also found out that they are all using the same IP address, and so, Niantic has banned nearly the entire country of Belgium from playing Pokemon Go (those who are unaffected are the ones using other service providers).

Before he did this, though, he went to Reddit and said that he is going to do this to prove that there is something out of whack with Niantic’s “anti-cheating system” implementation.

This could mean that the ban also resulted from a lot of reports from concerned Pokemon Go players that they might get affected with what pokemongodev is about to do.

But, the same result happened: he got banned and so is the exact IP address that Proximus users use.

Although this was the case, the good thing is that Niantic was able to lift the IP ban in just a couple of hours.

What is interesting here is that pokemongodev has proven something: that Niantic’s anti-cheating mechanism needs a bit more polishing.

You see, although I agree that there has to be an anti-cheating system in place to protect the integrity of the game, it has to be fine-tuned so that experiences like these won’t happen.

It is very bad for Niantic Studios to ban an entire country because of a person’s wrongdoing. I think that the entire populace shouldn’t have to suffer for one’s faults.

Also, cheating in Pokemon Go is nothing new; I get that. But, Niantic should enforce the anti-cheating system on the side of caution.

They should probably appoint someone to look after the system because it might hand out inappropriate bans.

Although cheats are rampant in the game, many people do play the game legitimately but that the system thinks that they are cheating.

With that being said, it is best that you never cheat in this game. I mean, Pokemon Go is an interesting game and that it brings people closer, it brings people together.

Pokemon cheats like GPS Spoofing or Experience points hacks are just fine examples of applications that can ruin what is arguably called one of the best games of 2016.

I hope that Niantic will further enhance and tweak their anti-cheating system so that not an entire country will suffer from one person’s evildoing.

Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic Studios and published by Nintendo.