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Acekard offers a budget friendly option for the flashcard. The Acekard 2 offers a full range of benefits and have left its parents problems behind. As far as flashcards go it may not always be you pay for what you get you may get more for less if you choose the right card.


What You Get


The Acekard 2 offers a full range of compatibility. You do not have to convert or flash to use this card. It is completely compatible with all the software that matters. Your purchase gets you the card and the card reader.


You also get a list of instructions and directions for the websites where you will download your firmware. As long as your internet speed is up to par you can easily download and install the firmware. The casing for the cart itself is a little flimsy. It is not held together with a screw it simply snaps together which gives it a flimsy feel.


There is one noticeable chip that you can feel that is sticking up underneath the sticker on the face of the case. It is not a really big deal but you should know that it is there. No user has reported any use issues because of the chip but you never know so do keep that in mind.


The Performance


Ultimately the way the cart feels is not as important as the performance. If it performs well than you can get past how it feels. It performs well as a matter of fact it out performs some of the more expensive cards.


There are a lot of perks that come with the Acekard 2 price being one of the greatest. It works as promised there are a couple of little glitches but nothing too major. There are quite a few perks that you would expect out of a more expensive option like the control features and customizable options.




If you need a flashcard and you do no want to spend a small fortune than this is the card you should be considering. It works well and does have a few things that make you raise your eyebrows like the chip that sticks up a little and the fact that there is no protective strip across the contacts so you have to watch where you place your fingers.


It is well worth the cost even with the small minor things that can be improved.